Brisk deadlines, bright lights and the bustling studio; my life had always been engulfed in the journalism lifestyle. My aunt, working at CTV Halifax, would encourage me to visit and participate in the newsroom chaos. After founding my school newspaper and co-hosting a children’s afterschool special on Eastlink TV, I had traded in the science lab for the school’s hallways, interviewing and networking with fellow students.

Trading in my fishing community for the CN tower and Ryerson’s School of Journalism was one of the toughest decisions of my life. I learned how to do the laundry, work under immense pressure, and that journalism wasn’t just a combination of big words and half-knowledge. I learned that university was reality.

Give me anything related to pop culture or a band with members old enough to be my grandparents, and I’m satisfied. With an everlasting love for Keith Richards and any band circa 1960, Music Journalism has been a definite goal of mine.

My parents’ only request was that I find a career I enjoyed. They were patient while I sifted through life’s dirty laundry, and finally in high school, I was seduced by the writing route. With dreams of writing for Vanity Fair or being a television reporter, I pursued Ryerson at full speed, learning more about the worldly opportunities available to me.

In the summer of 2008, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and attempt the 360° approach to journalism, I found myself playing the role of the Communications Intern for the Premier of Nova Scotia. Days were spent recording media scrums, briefing the Premier and corresponding with journalists of all kinds.

The following summer I worked with a public relations team investing my summer freedom to planning small, community events and assisting in planning both a Paul McCartney and KISS concert. A summer filled with correspondance with Paul McCartney’s people and the lady in charge of the “Teddy Bear Picnic,” only broadened my interest.

While my summer jobs were an odd assortment, I admired the media’s role in each place of employment: investing my interest in the multimedia, writing and broadcasting I encountered in the most obscure places. One guarantee was that print, broadcast and magazine would surround me and I awoke each day with a lust for the excitement ahead of me.

With each day of lectures and assignments, I find myself more prepared and excited to face the brisk deadlines, bright lights and bustling studio.


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  1. I really enjoyed your site, it was informative and brought back many memories of life with Krista. I wish you all the best in the future as you certainly have the flair for writing and the passion for the stories that need to be told!

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